Louis Tuesday and Yummy Confrontations

Oh my God, Louis.

I love how he describes this confrontation as a delicious treat that he gets to just gobble up.

When I started at the paper I was coming from three years at home with the kids, a background of retail and food service, and a bad habit of apologizing and paying lip service to people who felt entitled to critique my life.

Then, sometime last year, I finally learned the lesson that I don’t have to apologize for my life. People write to me and tell me how I’m a giant piece of garbage because I didn’t write a story they wanted to read, or I did, but I didn’t write it the way they wanted me to have written it, and I get to either ignore them or respond without apologizing.

But sometimes, people are really nice and I’m not prepared for them to be that so I start, in my head, I start like imagining all the things I’m going to say to them and then they’re like nice and I have to put all that rage and self-righteousness in a ziplock bag and just save it for the next jerk to come along.


Here’s one of my favorite Louis bits.

He does the same thing, apparently.

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