Minchin Monday and Puppy Love

The first week of school was every bit as glorious as I anticipated.
Although I’m a sick, sick person and haven’t taken advantage of my one hour of free post-bus time. I’ve just gotten ready with the girls and gone to work a half hour earlier than my usual hour early.
Something’s very, very wrong with me. I can’t stand waiting for “time to leave.” I want to get up with just enough time to get ready, then get ready, and then…go.
Maybe I’ve just been entrenched in the constant state of moderate to severe anxiety that is single parenting of preschool-age kids too long to be able to tolerate sitting quietly and drinking coffee in an empty house. Silence and stillness make me real twitchy. I like to be busy. I like to be moving.
Anyhow, the first week of kindergarten saw me already addressing the issue of boyfriends and the issue of dramatic childhood love.

Also, over the weekend, Hurricane Irma threatened my Aunt Marlene in Englewood. Marlene is in her seventies and lives alone with two cats. Subtract fifty years from her age and add two children and Marlene is me. She’s a smarty pants, and an unfiltered and honest critic of the Trump administration, and unapologetically cynical.

I love that woman.

And it’s Minchin Monday and I’ve got nothing actually related to any of this, but there’s always the “Storm” animated video.

Get it? Storm? Irma? Science? I don’t know draw your own parallels. It’s Monday and I’m too tired and cranky to be brilliant today.

But here’s Storm.

Which is never not fun.

Here you go, children. Mwah.

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