Kevin Hines and Suicide

Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge on Sept. 24, 2000. He's become a brain/mental health advocate, memoirist, documentary filmmaker, and international speaker on the issue of mental health and suicide. I had a chance to sit down with Kevin Thursday when he spoke at SUNY Fredonia. I'll post audio of the presentation when … Continue reading Kevin Hines and Suicide

Rum & Coke and Drunk at Work

So TimeHop reminded me that this day last year was a really fun day. When officers perform field sobriety tests on drivers they suspect to be drunk, they look for certain clues. But in order to conduct field sobriety tests that are admissible as evidence in court, they have to be trained. How do you … Continue reading Rum & Coke and Drunk at Work

Louis Tuesday and Real Drugs and Jizxandipuss’ Mom

If you knew me in high school the age of 26 or so, you understand why I'm sharing this video. If you didn't know me between the ages of "too young to buy cigarettes" and "too old to be taking freshman algebra without feeling shame every time I walked in the room" then never … Continue reading Louis Tuesday and Real Drugs and Jizxandipuss’ Mom

Minchin Monday and Puppy Love

The first week of school was every bit as glorious as I anticipated. Although I'm a sick, sick person and haven't taken advantage of my one hour of free post-bus time. I've just gotten ready with the girls and gone to work a half hour earlier than my usual hour early. Something's very, very wrong … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Puppy Love

Minchin Monday and Gloriousness

School starts tomorrow! In honor of the first day of school I'm conjuring Minchin's work on the musical Matilda.  Observe. My columns this month will be devoted to school. I loved school except for the social aspect. But when it comes to nerding it up and knowledge and wisdom and reading and all the things I'm … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Gloriousness