Minchin Monday and The Aussies

Posting on my phone tonight so I don’t know if it will embed or not. But this is one I’ve never heard before. 

I’ve also only met one Australian person. His name is Peter Groat and he lives in Sheffield. 

But I once watched a horror movie that took place in Australia. It was basically The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Outback Edition. So now I’m moderately afraid of Australia all of the time. 

Just like Texas. 

I’m exhausted. Sorry. Phoning it in tonight. 

Literally. Hahaha. Haha. 


Shut up I’m hilarious. And you know this, man. 

2 thoughts on “Minchin Monday and The Aussies

  1. I think I saw that movie too Stacey and i’m afraid to go there now as well. Was it people who got lost or had car trouble and a man comes along to help them out? Or somehow they found a guy who said he’d help. It still gives me the shivers but unfair i guess to feel that we wouldn’t want to go there because of a silly movie. Lets try hard to forget what we saw…..

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    1. Oh I’d go in a heartbeat. I was just being funny. But yeah! They went to a mountain to camp or something. Haha. It actually wasn’t a bad movie. Of course I wouldn’t let a movie put me off Australia. Now Texas…that’s another story. Kidding. 😂


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