Louis Tuesday and Equality

Okay. So I love Louis. That much has been covered.

Louis is hot.

Louis is a funny dad.

Louis is cranky and dumbfounded and a little scared and super frustrated most of the time.

Louis is me, if I were a ginger man of Mexican descent.


I wasn’t originally a fan of his show, but after pushing through episode one and accepting that I wasn’t watching standup, I became obsessed. Favorite episode is when he takes that little black haired mean girl to the park to watch the meteor shower.

Because reasons.

And also, aww.

But my favorite parenting moment in the entire series is this one:

Listen to me, the only time you should look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure they have enough.

Goddamn right, C.K. I mean, explaining it to five-year-olds never, ever works. But this is my entire philosophy of life. In one three minute clip.


Love you, C.K.


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