Louis Tuesday and Lo Siento


I know.

I’m awful.

I’ve been not blogging for a long time because I suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that my blogging and Facebook strategies are those of an author of parenting humor and not those of an actual human.

And I got really self-conscious because there is no – count them, zero – appropriate Tim Minchin videos.

But then today I started thinking you know what? I like what I like and a lot of other people like what I like and if I’ve offended you I’m sorry…that that happened to you. But I’m not sorry for loving Tim.

Or Louis C.K.

Louis and George Carlin are just my comedy idols. I love them.

Love everything about both of them.

I think I might love Louis just a little bit more and it’s because he’s attractive where Carlin was less…that…and I’m not sorry.

So I know that, like Tim, there’s absolutely no clip of Louis that a responsible adult would put on her blog and claim to love. But the closest thing to that would be a monologue that SNL let him give on television.

So here you go.

I’m planning to revive Minchin Monday next week, sans feeling bad about myself.

We’ll see, though. I’m thinking Louis Tuesday might need to become a thing too.

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