Jessica White and No Minchin Monday

This Minchin Monday has been cancelled due to a story about which nothing is funny.

Jessica White was fatally shot on Wednesday, June 21. 

By today, a campaign in her name had raised $10,000 in 72 hours. 

All of the money is going toward her funeral expenses, with all remaining money going toward her three children. 

Seventy-two hours, you guys. 

I sat with Jessica’s family on Saturday morning. They told me stories about who she was. They were so gracious with their time in such a period of profound grief, confusion, and emotion. 

My goal with this story was to make sure that Jessica did not get reduced to a one-dimensional “victim,” lost in the murky story of what happened to her. 

Jessica must have been amazing. The donations, calls, texts, comments, and little acts of kindness shown to Jessica’s family while they were here from Maryland – things like a meal free of charge or simple support from the hotel staff where they stayed – said Jessica’s mom Sheryl, was overwhelming, swift and uplifting.

Warren is a small town not without it’s petty squabbles, generational ignorance, and small-town drama. 

But when something bad happens there usually is an outpouring of empathy and support. 

But to raise $10,000 in three days?

That is extraordinary. That level of success is one of the strongest indicators that Jessica was loved, respected, and decent. 

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