A Column and a Query

This will officially wrap up our unit on shit moms say. It’s been good month. I never know, when I pick a subject to explore, whether it has potential or is going to be difficult, and produce mediocre results.

But this month? This month I’m proud of. 

Here’s the final installment

Now go ye forth, my young Padawan, and deliver my message unto the world.

When you’re done, though, come back and  give me topic ideas for next month. I have a topic tentatively set, but I’m feeling like I might struggle with finding things to write about relatives I’ve never met, and frankly, I just really don’t have time for genealogy right now. What with the job. And the kids. And the existential overthinking that I’ve committed pretty heavily to. 

I mean, basically, I am not an autonomous and worthy being but, rather, the lady in charge of cooking Spaghettios and meeting deadlines. 

A day may come where I can spend a week in the research room to generate content for an unpaid personal blog. 

But it is not this day. 

So. Until that day comes, I need ideas. 

Feed me, Seymour. Bring before me thine ideas, that I may snarf them up, as one does m&ms. Or Ibuprofen. 

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