Minchin Monday and That Bitch Irene

Why yes, I am aware that it’s Tuesday.

Orange is the New Black just came out, okay? I’ve been binging hard on season five and I’m still not done. It’s been out for five days today. I should be watching the entire season for the third time by now. I’m way behind on my shameless media gluttony.


Moving on.

Have you ever watched Impractical Jokers? I couldn’t care less about the show, to be honest. If it’s on and there’s nothing else I suppose I’d watch it, but I’m in no way invested in the show at all.

Except for this skit. This skit has been on my mind for like three or four years now. I’ll never forget it. Would you sign a petition against that bitch Irene? Just randomly, on the street, some guy wants you to help his important mission of eradicating the world of that bitch Irene?

I would sign that petition all damn day. Observe (skip to 1:26 if you just want that bitch Irene):

Also, things like that, things that can make me laugh out of nowhere (just now, for instance, I almost choked and died on a sip of Timmy Ho’s raspberry lemon iced tea at my desk from watching that clip) are what keep me going.

Tim, apparently, has to work hard to have a dark side.

What an ass clown. I’d kill a human being to have that problem.

I’m kidding.

Am I kidding?

I don’t know. I might not be kidding.

The song is more about how there are two kinds of artists: There are those who are willing to sell the fuck out and have a dark side if that’s what’s required to sell records, and there are those who would scowl and look all put out by the very notion that they should be expected to compromise their artistic integrity.

I’m in the middle. I’ll tone my writing down or write about a specific topic if you’re going to pay me. But I won’t compromise my authorial voice or intent on places like this blog to appease others.

It’s important to be in the middle isn’t it? I mean, you have to be flexible and inflexible in different contexts and on different topics or you’ll never get through life. There’s a reason why some artists are starving. Sometimes it’s in service to their own egos, which is when it’s synonymous with being a mega douche canoe. Other times, it’s important and it’s that unwavering commitment to ideals and standing up for what’s right, and that’s when it’s important.

Okay. None of this really matters.

Here’s Tim.

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