Minchin Monday and All the Things

Wow. It’s been a whole week. I remember when I was in Kona I was blogging every day. Now I’m back to life and it’s funny how writing every day for actual, y’know, work changes that.

In any case. Let’s see…I need to reach into my bag of Timmy treats don’t I? I was originally finding Tim vids that would correspond with the type of week I’d had, but that becomes difficult, after a while. Here’s a cool fact about Timothy. He’s actually a talented composer of things other than musical satire and he’s written the score for the musical versions of Matilda and Groundhog Day, which I must admit I’m thrilled/not at all thrilled about. Matilda I could care less. It’s good. I don’t care. But Groundhog Day…I want to love it because I love the movie, but the movie had Bill Murray in it. My love for the movie is directly and positively correlated with my adoration of the Murray. I love and adore Tim as well, and yet…without Murray Groundhog Day itself for me holds no appeal. Sill. It’s Minchin Monday and this weekend was a jaunt throughout the great commonwealth that is Pennsylvania. So it would be wrong, I feel, to share anything but a Minchin Groundhog Day interview/song.

Things I love about this video:

  1. The older he gets the more Tim channels the white Jesus
  2. That aneurism vein in the middle of his beautiful nugget
  3. The fact that he apparently has pinkeye and looks really angry
  4. Everything else

Here we go:

Okay. Moving forward.

My life since last we spoke:

  1. My children graduated preschool. I know. It’s not super hard to do. But it was suggested that I have them tested for gifted. I probably will, around first or second grade. Not because I care if they’re gifted at all, but because (a) it’s more accurate at that age than it is at Kindergarten age and (b) if they have an IEP I get to have a little more control over what teachers they get, whether or not the school district can get rid of programs or should add them, etc. I like that. I don’t want to be that mom. Don’t get it twisted. I’m not going to be the obnoxious “I never went to school for teaching and I couldn’t do your job for one hour, but I know more than you” mom. I’m going to be the “I have a degree in Psychology and I know my kids and I’m not stupid so let’s use big words and be honest with one another for the best of my kids, because that’s all I care about” mom. I’m also going to do everything I can to help these poor teachers who have no budget and are expected to make kids want to know things when all they really want to do is hang upside down from things on the playground. Teachers are amazing. So are my kids. Observe:

Oh. They also had a birthday. So I’ve been running around like a headless chicken since Thursday. Wednesday. Since Wednesday.

2. Wednesday morning I no sooner sat down at my desk at work than school called to tell me that both girls had pinkeye. Ran to get them. Ran to the doctor. Ran to get eye drops. Went home. Fought with them literally all day long to get twelve drops into each eye over the course of the day.

Good times.

Thursday, back to work, catching up, plus I had to leave to go to their preschool class to take brownie bites so that they could have memories of me doing things like going to school with concentrated chocolate fat squares to celebrate their existences.  We also had a birthday pancake breakfast at our favorite diner in town, The Peppermill. Observe:


It was fun, actually. Got to see two butterflies take off into the world.

The symbolism was palpable, given that it was their last day of preschool. The following day, Friday, was the class trip to the zoo.

3. Harper woke up Friday saying that her stomach hurt way too bad to go to the zoo with us so she spent the day with Big Grandma while June and I went to the zoo with the rest of the class.  I think she really just wanted to be left alone for a day, which is legit when you’re a twin who has to share everything, including mom’s attention. So I don’t blame her. June and I had a really great day, and Mom told me that Harper was enjoyable as well. When they’re together, it’s like pre-K Fight Club. I don’t even try anymore. I just tell them to fight it out and whoever wins (is still alive) gets all of my love and affection.

I don’t really do that.

Well. They know I’m not serious.

In any case, the zoo was good.


The lioness looks kind of like she wants to kill herself, which is one of the reasons I prefer aquariums to zoos, but. It is what it is.

4. Saturday, I had to go to the Keystone Press Awards dinner in Lancaster, which is 4.5 hours southeast of Warren. I took my mom, since she watches my kids while I go pretty much everywhere else, from work to Kona. The dinner was good. I was socially awkward and nervous, as is natural. I got second place in the columns category. It was like a really long episode of the show Mom. I’m not kidding. My mom is absolutely Bonnie and I am absolutely Christie. I get goosebumps when I watch that show because I know we are the inspiration.

5. On the way home on Sunday we took a detour through Centralia, a town that’s been on fire since the 70’s. It’s the inspiration for the movie Silent Hill and I love it. I’m working on getting a tour from one of the seven or so people who still live there. Observe:

6. When we got home my mom’s brother and his wife, and my two cousins wanted to have a birthday party at their house for the girls since they will be partying on their boats and jet skis all weekend next weekend, which is when I planned the actual birthday party. Observe:

I don’t know if the degree to which I felt herded, rushed, and overwhelmed this weekend is properly conveyed but I felt like a crazy person. I can actually say that work today feels like a break from my life.

Oh, also, here’s this week’s column.

Peace out, girl scouts. ‘Til next time!


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