Columns and a Murder-Suicide

Here is this week’s column. I gave Jon the two stills I took from the GoPro video of the manta dive and told him to pick one to run with it. He chose this one: 

I also remembered just in time to reserve a room for the Keystones in Lancaster on the 20th. Thank goodness. The deadline was tomorrow. 

Or Monday.

I don’t know. Either way, I cut it close. 

Oh well. Maybe we’ll leave early and have time for a little sightseeing. Or leave late the next day. 

Actually, I think I’ve decided to get out early the next day so I can swing through Centralia on the way and take some pictures. Mom doesn’t know she’s getting hauled all over hell’s creation. But she wanted to go. It’s her own damn fault. 

Maybe I’d better let her know so she can still bail. 

Bahaha. I know. Why would I do that? 

Probably better strongly suggest she bring lots of Xanax, though. There’s really no telling who will come out on top after that much time together in an enclosed space like a Toyota hatchback. 

If we’re not back by dark on the 22nd, somebody might better call the state boys and let them know there’s been a murder-suicide somewhere in a triangular space between Warren, Lancaster, and Centralia. 

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