Coffee and Beer

Last day in Kona. Tomorrow, I will get my nails done, drink at Humpy’s, and fly home.

It’s gonna be okay (she kept telling herself). 

This morning started with coffee. First, a cup:

And then a trip to Mountain Thunder coffee farm. I’d already done the tour, but wanted to get a wallet and some Mother’s Day gifts. 

Unfortunately, they were rotating stock due to a change of ownership. But I took some pictures anyhow. It’s a cool place, in the cloud forest. There’s a house for sale next door. 

Well. There’s a three car garage and six acres for sale next door.

But a three car garage could be lived in… technically. It has one full bath so it’s cool.

Auntie and I then shopped, and of course we went to Humpy’s. As you do, when you’re in Kona. 

There’s a boat full of Australians in the area. They’re going to Hilo in the morning. They descended on Mountain Thunder as we were getting there. So we know all their bidniss.

I’m going to miss that coconut stout. 

And the people I drink it with. I’m  going to miss Aunt and Uncle. I wish they lived closer. I miss weekend trips to Virginia to see them. 


This is getting morose. 

We had dinner at Habaneros, which was Humpy’s bartender Sheller’s advice. 

It was good. Seafood enchiladas, beans and rice. Definitely better Mexican and seafood than is available in Warren. 

I am excited to get home and see the children. 

No, really. I am. 

But the island has a way of getting in my heart. Probably because the people I visit here have been there since I can remember. 

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