Geckos and Fish Trees

Today is the first day I put on makeup since last Friday. It’s been fun not to have to worry about it, but my worst fears have been confirmed. I am now a makeup girl. I never used to wear it. Ever. 

Woke up a bit late this morning. It was almost seven. I like sitting on the lanai with a cup of coffee while the sun comes up and the birds come awake. 

This morning was another birdy morning, but I got a good look at some other regulars around the garden. 

Hawaii is teeming with geckos. Until I got up to investigate the orchids, which grow unbidden and abundant in the backyard, I noticed just how many were actually in the greenery. I thought I’d seen a lot of them just on the lanai. There were dozens in the flowers, just hanging out and blending perfectly with the electric green of the leaves. 

After the morning Aunt Dot and I went to find the Mountain Thunder coffee farm, as there was a wallet there that I decided not to get last time and that I have decided to get after all. Because I thought I was being smart getting the burlap sack to make my own last time.

I never did get around to, you know, learning to sew, though. So. On the way up into the forest I stopped to take a couple of cool photos. The really amazing thing here is that you can be in the ocean and ten minutes later on a mountain, and the temperature, wildlife, and environments change along with the elevation, and just as abruptly. Saw lots of Percys up on the mountain. Wild boar and goats are also plentiful. The lichen and eucalyptus trees were beautiful up there. 

Lunch was at the Fish Hopper, which is where the webcam is located. After that, another, slightly weirder tree. Covered in fish fins. 

We never did wind up at Mountain Thunder this morning so we stopped at Kona Joe’s coffee farm. It was fancy pants up there. Very pretty. No wallets.

And that was pretty much the day! 

We didn’t go to Humpy’s. It felt weird. 

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