Dolphins and Pheasants

It’s official. I am a certified scuba diver. I had a really rough third dive this morning. I brought the GoPro with the intent of getting some underwater photos. 

It didn’t go well. I decided to clip it to my BCD instead of keeping it on my wrist. It kept floating up in my face so I tucked it in, which made it a barrier to my regulator staying in my mouth. 

That’s when I tried to move it, messed up the carbiner, and lost it. I had to surface, probably too fast. And that’s when everything started going wrong. My mask kept flooding, I couldn’t stay down, and I sucked down the first tank of the day’s air way too fast to actually enjoy the dive.

I got it together for the second dive. I passed the PADI course. There were big differences in the style of the two instructors. But both were good. 

We celebrated by drinking beer at Humpy’s. Because what else? 

We got tacos at Oceans. I did not take a picture. 

You’re welcome.

Also, this morning Percy came by. 

Percy is a pheasant. We’ve been trying to lure him to the yard with birdseed for days but apparently he’s afraid of me. Because he usually hangs out and even comes up on the lanai, Aunt Dot says. 

I think he’s getting used to my scent. Or something.

Can pheasants smell things?

Who even knows.

Probably Wikipedia. And scientists. 

What else? Oh yeah! This chick was on the way to Jack’s. She looked comfy. I liked it. 

Ooh! And a pod of dolphins was following the dive boat between sites 1 and 2. 

We also saw a tiger shark just at the mouth of the harbor. Apparently the fishermen are asked not to dump their fish guts in the harbor but some of them do anyway. So that’s basically just chumming the water. 

This was about a ten foot tiger, but they can get sigificantlly large. And scary.

It was the coolest thing ever. As a Discovery channel whore, shark week is kind of my Christmas. I’ve only ever seen a shark on Discovery. Even when I went to the aquarium in Tampa. Because they were updating the shark exhibit. 

It was horse shit.

Mostly, today was awesome. With the exception of my exceptional fail dive. Oh well. I’m pretty sure everyone has probably had one shit dive. 

I learned. I grew. I got certified. 

The end. 

2 thoughts on “Dolphins and Pheasants

  1. Wow, congratulations Stacey; that’s awesome! I always wanted to scuba but the closest I ever got was snuba 30′ under for 20 mins at Molokini Maui. It was one of the highlights of my life! Very cool also that you had dolphins with you and the tiger shark, well that’s just pretty darn skookum. Percy might be friendlier if given a few macadamias. Aloha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahalo, lorraina! The scuba journey has been amazing. To get to see what I hunt for on Discovery up close and personal was by far one of the highlights of my life, as well. So beautiful down there. And quiet and exciting but peaceful. I never though of macadamias! I’ll try and toss a few out there and see what happens. Haha more than likely all the zebra doves would annihilate them before Perc’ came along. Haha. Auntie has decided that perhaps Mrs. Percy has taken up with a new, non-Percy pheasant. He’s been acting strange. He hasn’t been himself, literally perhaps. I know I’m easily won over with macadamias and coffee. 😂


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