Minchin Monday and Diving

First of all, here:

You. Are. Welcome.

Also, I did my first two certification dives at Jack’s Diving Locker here in Kona today. Rumor has it that Jerry Garcia holds the record for longest single tank dive at this shop. 

I love Jerry Garcia. Almost as much as John Lennon. So I want that to be true. But I have no idea whether it is.

What else? Oh. Right. Post-dive beer at Humpy’s. Only one today. I went for the coconut porter again. It’s a lovely little carbohydrate bomb. 

Woke up around five a.m. today again. Apparently it either has nothing to do with the children I blame it on, or else they’ve just managed to change me on a circadian level and I’m cursed to wake up at five a.m. even in a different fucking time zone. 

Really doesn’t matter either way. 

One nice thing about five a.m. wake up here is that there is a lanai, and an ocean, and a sunrise and birds.

So. Many. Birds. 


It’s hard not to be in a good mood with that sequence of waking up. It significantly beats waking up to a tiny person kicking you in the jaw, stealing your blankets, and jacking the remote to blast My Little Pony at top volume. 


Happy Minchin Monday everyone! I love this oldie. 

Not Minchin. The video…

Comparatively speaking.

Look, whatever. 

Have you found a favorite Minchin video yet?

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