Over the Ocean and Through TSA

I am here:

That’s Kona, Hawaii. It took 14 hours to fly here. And it was worth every hour. 

May not have been worth having to smell my feet when I took my shoes off to go through security, for my fellow travelers. 

Totally worth it for me though. 

I am the luckiest person ever. The grandmas are watching the girls so I can be here, and I’m here because I have pretty much the best aunt and uncle in the whole world. So. 

I’m just saying. 

It’s not a contest. 

My daughters traded me my big obnoxious rings for these little guys, so I would remember them on my kid free vacation:

How could I forget the children who won’t stop touching my face?

I’ll be here for eight days. Mostly, I’ll be scuba diving. 

It’s going to kick a lot – we’re talking, like, a whole whole lot – of ass.

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