Minchin Monday and Hippies

I love this one.

Tim hates hippies as much as I do.

I mean, I like to believe that anything is possible but probability and possibility are very different things and only fools maintain hope for things that are only possible.

For instance, I could have a brain aneurysm right here, right now, at my desk, and die, or just have my entire neural existence reduced to the ability to say the word “water” and the physical capability of picking my own nose and eating it.

It’s unlikely, though. And in order to prioritize my moment-to-moment behavior I need to be able to evaluate probabilities of things.

I also need to be able to think critically in order to have any meaningful opinions on anything.

This is basically how I approach everything. I’m just not as mouthy and honest as Tim. But this is basically what my internal monologue sounds like all the time.

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