Fires and Water

I have three photos to share.

As the girls’ birthdays (May 18) draw near, I’ve been thinking back to pregnancy. I gained almost 100 pounds over 9 months with the two of them. The doctor told me to be ready for them to come from 36 weeks on, while full term for a singleton is 40 plus weeks.

Ready? Ha! I was begging for them to come after 36 weeks. But they didn’t. They didn’t come. At all. By 39 weeks and 5 days I was over it. I had to go to Erie, an hour and a half drive from home, every week for nonstress tests and ultrasounds, to make sure that everything was okay.

I barely fit in the car, guys. It was ridiculous. I give you Exhibit A:


That was a full month before they were born. I couldn’t even get into my bed, let alone sleep in it. I’m a belly sleeper, you guys. This was torture.

That one’s been on my mind lately, for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that I’ve lost 11 pounds in the past month. Not even trying, but as I was saying yesterday, the medication I’m on has a bonus effect of making food less compelling. I’ve helped it along by switching to exclusively water and the occasional diet soda to drink. I’ve not even given up my coffee creamer.

Go ahead and drink your black coffee, you psychos. I’m going to use Coffee Mate. Because I love myself.

The other reason it’s been on my mind is because it looks like I’m at the ocean in that picture. I’m not. I’m at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pa. This was on one of the infamous nonstress/ultrasound days.

My back hurts just looking at it.

But the thought of the ocean reminds me that in…let’s see…11 days at this time I’ll be halfway to Kona, Hawaii. My aunt and uncle live in Kona and are the most wonderful people in the whole world. They are giving me a ten day escape visa to come see them. And I’m going.

This will be my view for ten glorious days:


And that one does have the ocean in it.

God, I love water. I love any body of water at all. I don’t know what it is that calls me to it but I’m just obsessed. I have to physically restrain myself from the impulse to just jump into rivers, ponds, creeks, oceans, lakes, and even puddles.

That’s my desktop background right now but the time is so nigh that I’m starting to get antsy and I may need to change it.

The third photo is one I took for the paper during a house fire last summer.

It has no connection with this post whatsoever but I found it while looking around for the torpedo and the lanai photos and I wanted to share it.

This is one that I submitted for Keystone and PAPME.

It didn’t win at either of them but I love it. I’m going to get it printed this afternoon and hang it up.

In fact, you know what? I’m going to share an entire album of photos I’ve taken at fires that weren’t technically news photos but that I love. I really enjoy these candid shots. I love taking them and I love the little window into vignettes of life that they give.

So here. Here’s some of my candid on-the-scene work:

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