F*** It Friday and Tim Minchin

Went on a bit of a tangent in Minchin Monday this week. Went back to edit and didn’t have time, at the time,​ so suspended the whole thing and figured, this morning oh, just bin it.

Start over. 

So here’s Minchin Monday back, in a little feature I think we’ll make F*** It Friday. A day for fixing our f****** mistakes. 

Here you are, kiddies!

Additionally. I love the word f***. I think it may very well be my very favorite word in the entirety of the English language because it’s just…cathartic, really…to say it. 

It’s just one of those delightfully echomemetic words that sounds exactly, in a phonetic sense, like the idea you’re trying to convey. Just, every time, it does. 

Like hork (vomit) and Jesus Christ (I really don’t know why this one and God Damn It always give me that sense of satisfaction that my frustrations have been totally and adequately aired by the utterance itself).

In any case, I’m not going to star out all my naughty words. Because, philosophically​, can you ever really assign a word itself a value like good or bad?

No. You cannot. I tried, once, for an entire semester to successfully argue the fact that you could. Not because I was particularly invested in being able to make the argument a valid one. If anything, I’d advocate for the opposite. I really can’t explain it. Maybe I just wanted to be contrary. Maybe I just decided to prove the point I wanted to be true by making sure that its opposite had been ridden deep and hard and thoroughly right into the ground. I don’t know. But I did, and I couldn’t. Because you can’t. It can’t be done.

Now, the point to all this – there is one, scouts honor – I’ve decided that I need to address my fluency with the devil’s dictionary, if you will, and set some boundaries.

Mainly for myself.

If I’m going to go straight up apeshit and just level the field with bad language, I’ll star it all out. But know that I am saying those words, every one of them, with great crescendos of emotion and feeling. I’m just saying, you know what, I recognize that it may offend some people so if it’s going to be really bad I’ll set you up with a little easement by way of the star system.  

Otherwise I just won’t even acknowledge the presence of a “bad” word at all.



I think we’re done here.

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