Minchin Monday and Hot Damn!

My managing editor texted me at 3 a.m. this weekend.

It happens sometimes. If I hear it, sorry Jon, I often ignore it.

He doesn’t usually text past midnight. Had I heard this text come in I’d have answered it immediately, though, because unlike a question – “what’s the name of the third kid from the middle in the back row of the picture for the Dairy Princess photo,” for example – he was texting me good news.

Actually really effing awesome news.

I finished second place in the Keystone Press Awards column category.

The three columns I submitted are: this one, this one, and this one.

Jon said it’s a big deal. I’m only slightly into my second year as a journalist.

Before this I was a stay-at-home mom. For three years.

Before that I worked at Big Lots.

I knew it was good news but I didn’t understand how good.

I’ve absolutely no idea how it happened. I just figured, eff it. I’ll throw my stuff in the mix and expect to lose.

But I didn’t. I got second place.

Second place is badass. I’m excited!

So, for Minchin Monday, I’m sharing a song that kind of pops into my head randomly as I’m going through my day and then remember for a second that I won a cool award.

As always, if swearing offends you, do not click the play button.

I should say that I’m not super into tooting my own horn. But they’re making me do it at work, so I figured, eff it. I’ll share it here as well. You should know that I’m not awesome at all, although the award is awesome. I’m just a halfway decent writer. I’m otherwise unemployable. So. I don’t actually believe I’m this cool in any other context. I go through pretty much every moment of my life with an appropriate baseline of self-loathing and assumed social inferiority.

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