Minchin Monday and Critics

I have had people give me their opinion on my work.

People do it all the time.

Like Tim, I’m used to hearing people say nice things about what I write and being the critic myself. My inner critic is harsh and unforgiving. It insults me all day, every day, in the back of my head.

In German.

It is that hardcore.

But occasionally people tell me what they really think of what I write, even though it’s not positive.

I know! How dare they, right?

It’s completely appropriate and since I’m the one putting myself out there I have to expect that not everyone is going to love my work. Or me.

But criticism is never easy. Minchin said in a documentary about his rise from comedy clubs to international recognition that the thing we all hate about criticism is that we, on some level, believe it’s true regardless of any other data at hand. In other words, no matter how many people like your work you’re going to obsess over the few who don’t appreciate it’s nuanced brilliance.

I’ve been struggling especially hard in the past few weeks with negative self-talk. And I’ve had some negative evaluations of my parenting methods that have continued to bother me and make me second guess myself.

I’ve decided that this, then, is the most appropriate song for today.

Be forewarned, it’s very sweary.

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