Columns and Icky Boys

Apparently I have been a worse blogger than I thought. I have neglected to add columns for almost a whole month.

I’m sorry.

Someone on Facebook shared a column from a couple of weeks ago and reminded me.

And then the icky boys started commenting.

This is the column that was shared. Some icky boy left a Facebook comment that if one were to give me a pearl necklace I’d love them forever.

Incorrect, sir. You are a heinous, obnoxious douche canoe. And a twat. I marked your comment as spam because you are icky. You’re an icky, icky boy.

Moving on.

After that, I wrote about a probably not very close plane crash that affected me greatly.

And that brings us to last week, in which I wrote about SCUBA diving, with which I am now thoroughly obsessed.

And just like that, we’re current again.

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