Column Catch-up and Beasts

I took my kids to the promotional event for this year’s All-County Musical put on by the Warren County School District. It’s the fourteenth year of the ACM but it’s the tenth anniversary since the district presented Beauty and the Beast.

Harper is pretty sure she wants to marry the beast.

Not the prince he turns into.

The actual, you know. The BEAST.

It’s cool with me. He’s human-based. There are no moral hiccups. Good luck fighting Belle off, though, homewrecker.

Love you, Harper.

The event was breakfast with Belle and the Beast. It was basically a preview of the musical with pancakes and a cash bar. At 9:30 a.m. That no one would break the ice on. So I did not have my morning screwdriver.


It was pretty badass, though. I have to watch that damn movie, like, fifteen times a weekend so it was fun to see it in 3D for a change. We’ll be going to the play next week as well.

Here’s the evidence:

Also, because I abandoned you for a week, here are last week’s and this week’s columns. With my apologies.

My columns are sucking lately. My theme is luck and I’m finding it hard to find stories about.

Go figure.

Also, I’m seriously struggling with writing short. Which is directly related to the fact that I have no lucky stories to tell.

God damn it.


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