Minchin Monday Makeup and I Love You

I’m so sorry I’ve been away. There’s been a lot going on and I’m struggling to keep up. We were with friends in Ithaca last weekend. It was my best friend’s daughter’s and son’s birthday party on Saturday. Kenz turned three. Jasper turned five. We dressed as My Little Ponies.

I felt better afterward.

I just want to let you know that I love that anyone reads this ridiculous blog at all. And I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible Blog Mom this past two weeks.

So I’m going to give you two Minchins. The first is not a song, but a graduation speech, which I love, and which I think is a great basis for a future blog post/column series.

So we’ll see.

Here’s that.

Also, because I can’t not share a little songy song song, here’s one of my favorite little pieces of his. I enjoy when he goes on the BBC and harasses show hosts.

Okay. I’m getting back on track.

We’ll get there.

Stick with me, kiddies.

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