Hospice and Volunteers

So. That story about Ellen Paquette and her harp of awesomeness – which is named Oleander, by the way – spawned a series.

Stories of the many hospice volunteers who also do cool shit.

It really is amazing that volunteers provide the majority of services at Hospice of Warren County. What’s so very cool about that is that individual skills, gifts, and abilities are given an outlet that results in the direct comfort of another human being. These people have been doing this for years. No one writes about them. Very few people even know what they do or that they do it. They do it completely separate from the need for recognition. Many have told me they’d rather not do a story because they don’t want to be recognized for it.

I’m seriously considering taking the training in March. While I don’t think there’s a lot of time I can devote to Hospice right now, the training itself is an eight week opportunity to conduct a personal evaluation of where I am with the subject of my own mortality, an opportunity to get to know about all of the resources that exist when I go through my own grieving process (I have parents and I know I won’t have them forever), and to understand how to be more empathetic in general.

Why would you not want to take this training?

So. I’ve done two cool stories this week. Well I’ve done four but I’ll highlight two here.

The first is about the Lasting Legacies program that Hospice volunteers provide.

The other is about how one Hospice volunteer is making a point of recognizing and honoring veterans enrolled with Hospice of Warren County.

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