Columns and…Columns

Whoa, dudes. This weekend went fast. We spent the night at the Hampton Inn in Warren, which is our Valentine’s tradition.

It was a lot more fun when I was sleeping on a couch and we didn’t have the ability to watch television in bed. But. Still fun.

Mostly for the girls, who take great sick delight in forcing me to don a bathing suit and subject other humans to the sight of me in it.

Anyway, I totally forgot to upload columns.

I had two this week. Not sure why. I expected Jon to run the Spelling Bee column because the county spelling bee was last week and I’m a big nerd who’s into that kind of thing.

I told Ferry I was going to write a column in which i used every word that was used in the bee.

He said “you’re going to have a hard time doing that.”

I interpreted that as a direct challenge to my nerdhood.

I had to make it a beat poem to do it, because you don’t have time to craft literary brilliance in the newspaper biz.

But I done did it.

Also, one about friend love, that I thought Jon would hold, but that he didn’t. Who knows.


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