High Tea and Harps

So I went to an interview this afternoon. It was with Ellen Paquette. Ellen doesn’t like having her picture taken. Neither do I to be honest. So I won’t post the one I took of her with tea. But I will post this one:

I really just intended to meet Ellen for a quick cup of coffee and a conversation about harps. Ellen plays the harp as a volunteer for Hospice.

I’m going to write an article about it.

It’s pretty B.A.

Also, the lovely meal was called High Tea. But it was super fancy with lace and sandwiches and petit fours and clotted cream.

So really it was Afternoon Tea.

Which doesn’t sound like it should be fancier than High Tea but absolutely is.

I’m pretty sure I broke every rule of polite tea partying. I had no idea what to do with myself.

I’m usually eating Chef Boyardee out of a freaking can. Quietly. Because if my kids hear me enjoying anything at all they need to take it from me.


That’s the story of High Tea and Harps.

3 thoughts on “High Tea and Harps

  1. I don’t mind a high tea, it’s a bit like upper class snacking isn’t it?

    There is a place called Hopetoun Tea Rooms in Melbourne which is famous for its high tea. I’d very much love to go there one day, but it is so popular you have to queue to get in the door. A long queue. They have a rope to keep the queuers orderly. I am not a queuing kind of person. No tea for me.

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