Minchin Monday and Catalytic Converters

Facebook is a War Zone.

People are exhausted and grouchy no matter which side of the political sphere they’re on.

I’m trying to simply compile the words of men and women who marched around the world because I feel it’s important to cover. It’s important to give coherence to what seems to opponents like just chaotic Anti-Trump hatred.

I’m tired. I’m strong, but I’m tired of all of this.

So I’ve decided that, while remaining loyal to promoting causes, etc. I’m going to show you my very favorite Tim Minchin song. Also, I was not aware that there was an actual music video for this song.

I usually just watch the one where he opens his shirt and stands in front of a fan.

What? So I’m into the gender non-specific homeless mad piano scientist look.

It’s hot, okay.

You know it is.

Also, I need a new exhaust. I’m no mechanic and I haven’t been under my low-to-the-ground hatchback, but I’m telling you it’s busted all the way up to the catalytic converter.

So. That needs handled.

Good thing I’m sitting on a large savings with no idea how to spend it.

Oh. Oh, wait. Wait, that’s fantasy me.

Never mind. I’m going to go sell some plasma now.

Enjoy, my fellow Minchinites!

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