Minchin Monday (on Tuesday) and Projectile Vomit

Tim Minchin has never written a song about Donald Trump, but he did write one about the Pope and it’s basically the way I feel about Trump so I suppose it’ll do.

Instead of being pissed about popes fucking boys just replace “pope” with “Trump” and “boys” with “women.”

Also, this Minchin Monday comes to you on Tuesday because my daughters have been vomiting for two days and I wound up vomiting yesterday, bringing the total vomit output of my household to gallons and the total number of laundry loads processed in three days to fifteen.

Fifteen goddamn loads of laundry.

And ninety percent of the times I vomited it was because I was scrubbing chunks of someone else’s vomit out of my carpet. So. Try not to puke when you’re scrubbing up someone else’s puke. I admire mothers who can do it.

I’m not one of them.

It could also be the fucking sexual offender we’re being told to stop crying about. As a woman who’s survived sexual assault you’ll forgive me if I don’t tolerate a single word that comes out of his disgusting mouth, nor accept his authority. He has none. He’s a disgusting piece of garbage and he deserves every ounce of hatred being thrown at him. The only hope I continue to have is that change has historically come from large groups of angry people with legitimate complaints so. Hopefully in this case history will repeat itself.


2 thoughts on “Minchin Monday (on Tuesday) and Projectile Vomit

  1. Vomity kids always horrible, I feel for you. Scraping vomit out of carpet is one of the least enjoyable parts of parenting.

    If the boys are feeling sick I lay out a garbage bag with a towel over it next to the bed. If they miss the spew catching container there it isn’t a problem, I can take the whole lot away and deal with it rather than smelling vomit every time I walk into their room for the next week.

    When I think about Tim writing a trump song I just imagine him at his desk in a sea of torn up pages. So much to write and so much anger that he can’t even begin.

    Yes, he is a disgusting piece of garbage. 😦

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    1. That’s actually a really good idea. The problem for us seems to be that the girls suffer from intermittent reflux, so they’ll go to bed normal and wake up at three a.m. full-on Linda Blair.

      No warning.

      I actually leave their spew buckets right next to or on their beds so they’re more likely to but them. They’re trained and all, but their average hit rate is around 25 percent.

      I’m confident we can bring that up as they grow.

      I feel like your image of Tim is me at work every day since the election, with a brief I permission between election and inauguration.

      But I’m moving forward. I’m sharing an 80 inch story that ran uncut a week ago. All the local marchers.


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