Multiple Choice and Benevolent Dictators

This week’s column is here. It’s about how you’re probably not a crappy parent, but if you are, some ways to know.

It’s also a test. Like the ones in Seventeen about what shape your face is.

Only there’s actual information at the end of it.

Also, Pete Pitts has written a fantastic guest blog that I’ll be posting later today. After I go tromping around “Winter” fest.

More like mudfest, I’m guessing.

So check back tonight to get some wisdom from Mr. Pitts on intention. Are there other topics you’d like to hear from Pete on? Leave your topic ideas in the comments section. Maybe he’ll throw another post our way sometime!

4 thoughts on “Multiple Choice and Benevolent Dictators

  1. Was laughing so much at D for the shopping question. When the boys were small I would always get them to choose a chupachup (their favourite) as soon as we arrived at the supermarket. I wouldn’t put it in the trolley, telling them it would fall out and get broken, but really, them holding it meant one less hand to mess with stuff on the shelves.
    During the trip any bad behaviour would result in them having to return it to the shelf themselves (considerably more torturous than me taking it off them), which only had to happen once before they realised I really meant it and, even worse, that their better behaved brother still had his. 😀

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    1. Lol. I love it. We’ve left the store a couple of times. For some reason my threats need to be tested constantly. Thank god, too. With the bully/predator in the White House today they’re going to need to be fighters.

      I may be having a really hard time with the Gropenfuher issue. I may have to write a column that will piss a lot of people off.


      1. Leaving the store is good, I hate seeing parents who just tell the kids off but never follow through, of course they’re going to keep doing the wrong thing if you’re too lazy to actually stop them!

        All the persistence is worth the effort though, you spend years and years feeling mean and far too authoritative, and then one day you realise they are choosing to do the right thing because of you. My boys are (over the next few weeks) 14 & 16 and are both polite and well mannered and can think for themselves. They amaze me every day, especially when I see the way some of the kids they go to school with behave…

        As for the new resident of your White House, he is a nightmare. The rest of the nightmare is that now he’s opened the door maybe others like him might get in to power in other countries too. Still amazed that he has managed to get away with so many obvious lies, what happened to those people that they could still vote for such a person?

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      2. I think what bothers me most right now about our Gropenfuhrer situation is that women are condemning other women for supporting the Women’s March. I’ve gone through more Zofran and extra strength Excedrin since the 19th of January than I have since I got a prescription for Zofran. I can’t believe we’ve sunk this low to consider a single thing that’s happening politically acceptable, funny, or normal.

        I’m always really happy to hear about parenting successes. I’m constantly worried I’m being a complete parental douche canoe. Stories like yours strengthen my resolve.


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