Pretty Boys and Dead Malls

The Warren Mall is dead. There’s a pizza place, a Bon Ton, a Mastercuts, a nail salon, and approximately 20 empty storefronts.

So the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry has an Outdoor Show there every year.

This year, John Papalia, Director of Tourism and Chamber Operations, had the best idea in the history of ideas.

He got a bunch of manly men to put on makeup for money.

And then he gave the money to A Safe Place, which provides domestic violence and sexual abuse counseling, legal advice, and shelter to Warren women. And children.

As someone who’s needed to reach out to A Safe Place for myself and my children before, I was all over this event. I am also handing out pledge sheets to all the manly men in my family and demanding that they participate next year.

Because this idea is badass.

All told, Papalia figures the event floated around two grand to A Safe Place.

John Papalia, for the win, ladies and gentlemen.

Also winning are my publisher Bob Patchen, Chief Deputy of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Chuck Fetzeck, Jason Huck, and Scot Colvin.

Bon Ton  donated the makeup. And the people to put it on.

The rest of the outdoor show was cool too. Read about it here.  And here. And here.

But taking a picture of my boss’ boss gettin’ his face did? Not going to lie. Kind of the highlight of my Saturday.

Which pretty boy do you think is the prettiest boy of all the boys? Check out the pictures and then answer in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Pretty Boys and Dead Malls

      1. It is good to see men standing up against domestic violence isn’t it. It has really become an issue here in Australia recently, not because there’s more of it, but because people are finally saying it’s not ok.

        In 2015 the Australian of the Year was awarded to Rosie Batty, a woman who has campaigned tirelessly for change. She became the public face of domestic violence after her son was killed by her ex husband in front of other families at a sports event.

        Since then we have tv commercials regularly advertising the fact that it’s not ok to be abusive, and the news will report something as a domestic violence incident rather than just brushing it aside as if it is any other kind of incident.

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      2. It’s excellent to see men standing up in defense of women and saying that it’s not okay. Other areas hold “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” fundraisers where men collect pledges to walk a mile in heels. My girls’ preschool program also makes efforts to involve men in activities. Making these human issues rather than “women’s issues” is what’s needed. They affect us all and it’s in all our hands to help fix them.
        Batty’s story is tragic. Unfortunately it takes tragedy to wake people up to the fact that a problem isn’t someone else’s but all of ours.

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