Minchin Monday and Leprosy

Well. It’s day 26 of Chantix. Six days since I’ve had a cigarette. The cravings are becoming more manageable. And good thing. Because the Chantix, as of last weekend, has initiated a spate of Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

It’s painful. And unpleasant. And reminiscent of leprosy. And is the reason I’m going to have to stop taking Chantix. Which freaks me out a bit considering that the typical course is 12 to 24 weeks.

But I have survived worse than nicotine withdrawal.

I’ve been watching Tim Minchin to help me forget and have had a hard time figuring out which song to share today.

I’ve settled on Prejudice, since today is MLK Jr. Day. I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not making light of prejudice. Particularly given the fact that apparently we are not much further ahead socially than we were in MLK’s day.

And neither is Tim. He’s satirizing it. And satire is not the same as making fun.


Satire: noun. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

See? He’s not making fun of prejudice. He’s making fun of you! 

3 thoughts on “Minchin Monday and Leprosy

    1. Oh. Oh my. I just had a very inappropriate visual. Thanks for that. 😂

      Day two held a distinct potential for ending with murder. Either me murdering someone for driving like an asshat or the police murdering me for murdering asshats.

      Which really seems like it ought to just be a public service. Not a crime. But rules are silly aren’t they?

      How’s your hot weather going? We’re having a strange January thaw here. It’s been a pleasant break from living on Hoth.


      1. 😀

        Hmm… I wonder how many violent crimes are committed with the underlying cause being nicotine withdrawal? Rules do suck, the man of the house gave up smoking some years ago and while he didn’t try to kill anyone he was such a massive pain in the arse it was his own survival that was hanging in the balance for quite some time. Had rules been made of logic I would have been permitted to terminate him for the benefit of society. Of course his success in survival and non-smoking means you can do it too, ‘cos he is pretty much hopeless.

        We have had a weird summer, boiling days followed by rain (at times it’s like living in a monsoon), then cold days, then immediately back to hot… Melbourne is famous for its changeable weather but this summer has been even more unpredictable than usual. I’ve just checked the local weather thingo and today we’ve passed 37c (which is 99f), but tomorrow is supposed to be in the low twenties. My plants are loving it, me not so much.

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