Minchin Monday and It’s Fine

That part where he talks about how he spends so much time hating his body but it never says a bad word about him?


All of that.

I love this song because it’s a bit on the softer side of Tim, cute and clever but not swear-y. Which is surprisingly satisfying to me.

Usually I like a lot of angry cussing because I find the words – both saying and hearing them cathartic. As fffffffffffffff….Frankenstein.

Take a moment to just observe. Write your own this is my … song. It’s all about noticing what’s there and what’s lying just under the surface. How is what seemed mundane or even less than perfect turn out to be fine? How can you MAKE it fine?

Do it. It’s such a fun writing exercise. Just don’t try to publish any of it without a disclaimer.

Because Tim did it first. And he strikes me as the type that would punch someone in the soul for stealing his work.

Like, hard. Five finger death punch hard.

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