Pete Pitts and His Path To Success

Pete Pitts is a really great example of what can happen when a person takes full responsibility for their own success and refuses to downsize their aspirations.
Pitts has a rap album hosted by Lil’ Wyte – Short On Time – available for download on iTunes. He’s also appeared in numerous television shows and movies. Currently, he’s one of Negan’s saviors on season seven of The Walking Dead (set to resume on AMC on Sunday, February 12).

But he’s got a slew of other places you can find his face in your television (see full list of appearances at the bottom of the page).
Pitts, who has experienced the actual pits in the form of bullying, poverty, drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and the death of close friends and family members, has overcome every problem he’s been faced with. In fact, he said, he likes to think of problems not as problems at all, but as challenges.
With such a past to overcome, one wouldn’t expect that he’s now a working actor, rapper, and author, with aspirations toward directing and taking on larger acting roles in his future.
Pitts took some time out last Thursday evening to talk with me about his new book, The Path To Success, available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. He said that once he started having success with his acting career, he felt the need to reach out to others who may be at their own rock bottoms. “I’ve been there,” said Pitts of what makes his self-help guide different. Admittedly, he said, there are a million authors and twice as many books out there claiming that they can make anyone successful or happy or healthy or loved if their readers just follow the steps they lay out.
But Pitts’ book doesn’t define his readers’ success for them. In fact, part of Pitts’ path to success is defining your own success. What does success mean to you?
Defining your own success is one of the first step Pitts asks readers to take.
Pitts takes an entirely different tack in his attempt to establish authority. Rather than telling readers all about where he’s studied, what degrees he has, and what makes him the final authority on being successful, he talks candidly about times in his life when he was the opposite of successful. And through those memoiristic vignettes, he illustrates the lessons he learned as he worked his way (and continues to work his way) toward his own success.
The poignant stories of Pitts’ youth are open and honest, and in them Pitts draws readers forward, following them up by asking them to trust his authority based on the fact that he has, in fact, been in the same level of “a bad place” that most readers come to the book in.
With a person-centered approach toward improving one’s life that requires accountability and hard work, what does Pitts say readers can expect from themselves if they follow his steps?
Whatever they want.
The book is not a how-to manual, then, but more of a manifesto, a guide to committing to self-improvement. Really, these are the steps that underlie every positive change a person ever makes.
Pitt’s 224-page book was published on Nov. 15 through CreateSpace, which is Amazon’s independent publishing platform. The Kindle Edition is $5.99 (free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers), and $9.99 for the print edition, which is available for Prime shipping. The book is broken down into 14 chapters including:
•Start Today
•Learn As You Grow
•Trial and Error
•Working Hard and Smart
•Dreams and Reality
•Peaks and Valleys
•Journey to Self Discovery
•When Desire Meets Belief
•Small Steps to Achievement
•Triumph Through Tragedy
•Accepting the Unexpected
•Clarity and Focus
•Tangible Transformation
•Realization of Value
Pitts said Thursday as we talked that people become successful through adopting worthy ideals, goals, and values. Really, what Pitts teaches through the book is how to objectively, positively, and powerfully assess one’s life and, through that evaluative process, strategically improve it based on realistic, achievable goals.
According to Pitts, as he worked through the writing of this book he began to realize that his ultimate passion was for helping others. Having begun to see the ripening of the acting career he’s worked so hard to cultivate, Pitts said that he’s realized and ready to move forward on that next part of his own personal path to success.

Play Find Pete in the following films:
•The Accountant
•Captain America: Civil War
•Barbershop 3
•Fist Fight
•Office Christmas Party
•Almost Christmas
•The Boss
•Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip
•Spider-Man: Homecoming
•Keeping Up With The Jonses
•Jacobs Ladder
•The Ring 3 (Rings)
•Fast and Furious 8
•In Dubious Battle

Play Find Pete in the following television shows:
•Murder Chose Me – Pitt’s first speaking role will occur on Season 1 Episode 6 of the new Investigation Discovery series)
•The Walking Dead (AMC)
•The Vampire Diaries (CW)
•Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
•The Detour (TBS)
•Master of None (Netflix)
•Stranger Things (Netflix)
•Containment (CW)
•Game of Silence (NBC)
•Nashville (CMT)
•MacGyver (CBS)
•Being Mary Jane (BET)
•Finding Carter (MTV)
•Survivors Remorse (STARZ)
•Satisfaction (USA)
•If Loving You Is Wrong (OWN)
•24: Legacy (FX)
•Greanleaf (OWN)

And you can link up with Pete Pitts on the following social media outlets:

Facebook: petepittsactor

Facebook: pathtosuccessbook

Instagram: petepitts

Snapchat: @tennessee_pete

Pete also said he’d be willing to do a guest blog on 78 Eurekas. Comment below; what do you think Pete should write about? What questions would you ask Pete if you could?

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