Minchin Monday and The Fence

Tim Minchin is well known for his brilliant lyrics.

And his filthy mouth.

I really can’t decide which I adore most.

This song highlights the lyrics more, though. I’ve always felt completely outside of the general scope of society because I struggle to feel fanatically about anything except ambivalence.

Which, by the way, means to be of two minds. A lot of people think ambivalence means to lack interest or passion about a given subject. That’s absolutely not true. I care a lot. I just find it very easy to see both sides of an argument. And equally painful to commit to either.

I realized, a while ago, that I’ve never been outside the social sphere at all as it turns out. I’ve just been watching the whole bloody mess from atop the fence.

And I’m fittin’a stay right here atop it. Maybe climb a little higher up on it, even, if I’m feeling squirrely or it gets uglier down there in fanatic land.

3 thoughts on “Minchin Monday and The Fence

      1. I’m glad I could share his awesomeness with you! I hadn’t seen this one, and when I started playing it my boys were right onto me, hanging over my shoulder asking which one it was. I can’t tell you how happy I was when they were old enough to be introduced to him, now they love him as well. 😀

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