Links and Impropriety

I may have freaked some people out.

 So, until tomorrow night, links will be unavailable as I work to restructure how I make content available. It will be back. 

Because I’m like Jefferson Starship. 

I’m really hard to kill.

Just, it may be back in another form. With, like, disclaimers and things.

Because it’s entirely possible…Probable. 

It’s entirely likely that someone is going to get offended by facts and opinions. Especially the ones contained in this awful little collection of the ramblings of my inner monologue. 

And if my inner monologue doesn’t do it Tim Minchin would tip the scales out of my favor. 

Sorry kids. Hang in there. I’ll figure everything out. After this baked potato. 

And The Jungle Book.

Because Bill Murray. 

As Baloo.

Come on. If that doesn’t do it for you then you have no soul.

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