Trauma and Aggression

I have a passion for behavioral health stories. I love the theory and the research of Psychology. Just never wanted to practice. So I do a lot of hounding on the behavioral health providers in our area. They are some of my favorite stories to write. Here’s a trio of my three best

Trauma 101
Aggression Replacement Therapy
Arts of Recovery

3 thoughts on “Trauma and Aggression

  1. I had a traumatic experience this past year that changed me. I never knew or even thought that simply overhearing something could affect a person so much. I really appreciated reading your article on trauma and I understand it better now. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and so blamed myself. Now I know it wasn’t my fault but the very nature of it will still likely haunt me all my life. The good thing is I am very careful now and will never get in that position again but then again, who knows? We overhear things all the time that wasn’t meant for our ears and we learn to brush it off and carry on. Still, I wish we could erase or unhear things somehow so it will get out o the back of my mind where it lies waiting to remind me every day.

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      1. Thanks Stacey, I appreciated your words of encouragement and i’m thankful that it was technically a very minor thing in comparison to what others have had to endure. It’s one of those things that will stay with me for life but I will be ok so got off lucky in the overall scheme of things.

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