Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

Oh, Aaron Paul. You'll always be Jesse Pinkman to me. Even when you're Eddie Lane. https://youtu.be/5szi474PNhE Oh, I just love his ass. What a hot mess. I get him. I completely, completely understand Jesse Pinkman. Eddie Lane I'm having a little more trouble with. This season especially. He seemed like he was so above all … Continue reading Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

Abbey and 1,078 Words

Here's what's been written about Abbey since her battle began in 2015. Sheffield 14-Year-Old Shows Tremendous Strength In Fighting An Aggressive Cancer Surrounding Abbey Dirty Dozen Changes Focus; Now Fundraiser for Abbey Abbey Halfway Through Battle Against Cancer Two Magical Words: Cancer Free Teen Thankful For the Little Things Amid Fight With Cancer And, sadly, … Continue reading Abbey and 1,078 Words

Victorian Etiquette and Abbey

I had just gotten back from a heinous oral surgery event, which I don't really remember thanks to Halcion but which the gaping sockets in my mouth and the gigantic pool of blood where I drooled on my pillow last night assure me happened, when Jon texted me yesterday. "Hey." He likes to say "Hey" … Continue reading Victorian Etiquette and Abbey

Tarot Tuesday and Shakespeare

  "O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon/ That monthly changes in her circled orb/ Lest that thy love prove likewise variable." I've always loved that line from "Romeo and Juliet." In terms of actual bibliography, "Romeo and Juliet" is not Shakespeare's strongest work, but there are a lot of lines that read … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday and Shakespeare

“Absentia” and Valentine’s Nonsense

First of all, I love Valentine's Day. I say I don't because I have a very seriously ingrained and expected personality trait of surly resistance and salty distaste for all things pink or heart-shaped or tainted in any way by the concept of love. But since I began our Valentine's Day hotel room adventure three … Continue reading “Absentia” and Valentine’s Nonsense

A Hotel Room and Intrusive Thoughts

First: it's column day. It's time once again for our annual Valentine's tradition. The girls and I have been getting a room at a local hotel each year for the past three years for a Valentine's treat. We order pizza. We don't officially jump on the beds. But off the record, yeah. We totes jump … Continue reading A Hotel Room and Intrusive Thoughts