A Hotel Room and Intrusive Thoughts

First: it's column day. It's time once again for our annual Valentine's tradition. The girls and I have been getting a room at a local hotel each year for the past three years for a Valentine's treat. We order pizza. We don't officially jump on the beds. But off the record, yeah. We totes jump … Continue reading A Hotel Room and Intrusive Thoughts

A Caramel Macchiato and Detective Chimenti

I set up a pretty significant interview last week. I set up interviews, and conduct interviews, every single day. They are not difficult. Rarely do they make me nervous or hesitant. I've discovered that the silver bullet for social anxiety is to manipulate your life such that every interaction takes place solely with the focus … Continue reading A Caramel Macchiato and Detective Chimenti

The Magnificent Ravenclaw Ego and Hidden Brain Does Marriage

So. Sailor J did a little riff on my house. Which I love. https://youtu.be/OjF41IM_G0Q Also, Hidden Brain did a badass rundown of modern marriage that totally totally mirrors my entire marriage philosophy. So. https://play.google.com/music/m/Dakxsyu3ocwxzoli6sls4wtiusy?t=When_Did_Marriage_Become_So_Hard_-_Hidden_Brain Bam. There you go. You. Are. Welcome.

Tarot Tuesday and Devil’s Advocate

Not gonna lie, you guys. I was hoping for this guy to pop up sometime soon. The Devil. "Am Fear-millidh" in Scottish gaelic, assuming I'm not beling lied to (and I have to be honest I'm not trying exceedingly hard to make sure I'm not...my strategy is basically find an online translator that is NOT … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday and Devil’s Advocate

Hell to da Naw Naw and Wonderful Women

First of all, you guys, I discovered my new ringtone on YouTube last night. It's the chorus of this amazing song that I never knew existed but which has changed my life for the better and is now my personal theme song as well: This weekend was the 17th annual Women are Wonderful in Warren. … Continue reading Hell to da Naw Naw and Wonderful Women